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CHEST Community Impact Grant Honoring D. Robert McCaffree, MD, Master FCCP

Application Deadline:
Monday, April 22, 2024

Grant Amount:
Maximum request amount: $15,000 1-year grant; October 1, 2024, through October 31, 2025

This grant is supported by CHEST and generous gifts from our members.

Proposal focus

To support significant community-based projects worldwide that demonstrate a clear positive impact on the lung health of a community and have the potential for long-term sustainability and reproducibility.

Projects may focus on the following areas:

  • K-12 student education 
  • Patient/caregiver education 
  • Community health education/awareness 
  • Health care worker education
  • Clinic/medical center training/education 
  • Equitable health solutions 

Application requirements 

Applications that do not meet the requirements, do not contain all mandatory components, and/or do not follow proper instructions for submission will not be considered.

  • CHEST membership is preferred but not required.
  • Applicants must be currently (>6 months) providing a voluntary service to a nonprofit or nongovernmental organization (NGO).
    • This grant supports volunteer service in existing projects, expansion of existing projects, or development of a new activity.
  • Teams are encouraged to apply but must have a representative who will serve as the Principal Investigator (PI). The PI will apply as an individual and will receive recognition, if awarded.
  • The organization’s or service project’s primary intent must be to provide community service and not to conduct research. Bench level surveys that will establish future projects are considered research and will not be considered.
  • This organization must be either a documented US 501(c)3 or an official NGO.
    • If your program is not affiliated with a 501(c)3 or NGO, you might contact your hospital or another nonprofit organization (eg, the local American Lung Association) that could potentially assist by providing you a place to receive and distribute the funding.

The following individuals are not eligible to apply for CHEST-supported grants:

  • Active CHEST grantees, including those with active no cost extension (NCE) requests.
  • Members of the CHEST Board of Regents or Board of Advisors, as well as their family members.
  • Applications and application components (including attachments) must be submitted in English.
  • Applications and all required documents must be submitted prior to the deadline via the Grants Management System for consideration.
  • Please describe the baseline of health in the population that your project serves. (max 500 words)
  • No emailed or mailed proposals will be accepted.
  • Current members of the CHEST Board of Regents or Board of Advisors are not permitted to write letters of support.

Application components to be addressed within the Grants Management System:

  • Background/vision (≤250 words for each question and component below)
    • Provide a description of where your project is located (city, province/region, country).
    • List if the project is: (1) the continuation of an existing project, (2) the expansion of an existing project, or (3) the development of a new project.
    • Describe the history of the organization and your role within it.
    • Describe the desired outcomes of your proposal.
    • Describe the impact of your project on historically excluded individuals and communities.
  • Personal experience related to the project (≤500 words for each question below)
    • Describe your role in the project: Do you volunteer your personal time and/or resources? What specific duties do you perform? How much time do you dedicate to this program or the organization? Provide other information that you would like to have considered.
    • If your project centers on historically excluded individuals and communities, please discuss your affiliation with or representation of those communities.
  • Detailed project description (≤500 words for each question below)
    • Describe the project’s or organization’s mission (eg, this clinic provides free outpatient health services to the homeless or poor, etc).
    • Discuss the relevant demographic population(s) that your project services (ie: location, race, age group, sex and gender, ability, etc)
    • Estimate how many patients/families are served by your project and what impact your project has had on the patients and/or community.
    • What outcome, or proxy outcome, are you trying to change?
    • What are the key social drivers of health in your population that you think you can influence?
    • How will you measure the impact of your project? What metrics will you have access to for reporting purposes?
    • Describe how your project will be replicable/sustainable once the grant funding has been utilized.
  • Project Timeline
    • Describe how your project intends be completed within the allotted time.

Required document uploads:

  • Budget (download the budget template)
  • Current curriculum vitae – NIH biosketch or general cv accepted
  • One letter of support from a person or group who has benefited, or will benefit, from the project
  • Organization’s mission statement
    • Please note that CHEST does not provide support to political or religious organizations.
  • Summary of finances for grant-receiving organization’s most recent annual report
  • Current W-9 for your organization, or equivalent international W-8BEN-E
  • Funding will only cover direct costs. Indirect costs will not be covered.
    • PI salaries will not be supported.
    • For a complete list of budget allowances, please see the FAQs. Programmatic travel will be reviewed and approved on a case-by-case basis.
  • It is viewed favorably for the application to include institutional commitment to the project and to include fiscal support in addition to the grant funds being sought.
  • Grant funding is paid to the nonprofit or NGO in which the applicant donates time and services. Academic institutions and universities typically have foundations that are capable of receiving funds on behalf of the applicant.
    • Open to US- and international-based organizations.

    Requirements Once Funded

    • Provide interim progress reports as requested.
    • Provide final written report on the project addressing project execution and results 90 days after program ends (December of that calendar year).
    • Provide final budget reconciliation of project funds.
    • Submit the results from your project to the CHEST Annual Meeting for presentation within a year following grant completion.

    Expectations Once Funded

    • Become active in supporting CHEST's philanthropic efforts, from sharing your story to help attract future grant applicants, to volunteering your time to support CHEST activities.


    Grantees can have no more than one active grant from CHEST per year.


    For more information, or if you have questions about our grant offerings, please contact us at grants@chestnet.org.